Parenting, Property and Living Agreements

Snohomish County Parenting, Property and Living Agreement Lawyer

I am lucky to be able to wear my clothes right off the rack. Some people do not care about modifying their car. Many still have the same wallpaper on their screen the device shipped with. Not everything needs customization.

What needs customization – 100% of the time – is your personal relationships! How you want to live, with who, sharing what, producing what (or who)… none of these considerations has a “default” that fits perfectly to every person and their situation.

My favorite thing to do as an attorney is help people customize their relationships. Write your own vows, your own rules, your own plan. Plan and commit to potential futures. When the fear of the unknown is eliminated, relationships thrive. You should stay together because you want to stay together – not because you fear the unknown consequences of a break-up.

You are not a cookie, so do not accept the cookie-cutter rights and obligations of a basic marriage. Even worse, do not discover at the end of your relationship that the law placed significant and unknown liabilities upon you just because you lived together.

Before a marriage (“prenuptial”), during a marriage (“postnuptial”), or when you are together but not married (“cohabitation”) – these are the BEST times to establish the ground rules of your relationship and what to do at the end. All relationships end – death or breakup – those are your only two options. You must be prepared for both.

Dabney Law Firm can help you disregard the default; chart your own path and write your own rules.

Walton Dabney can advise and represent you on any Parenting, Property and Living Agreements matter, including:

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Postnuptial Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Property Settlement Agreements
  • Will and Power of Attorney Considerations


Dabney Law Firm can help you disregard the default and chart your own path. We help people customize their relationships. Write your own vows, your own rules, your own plan.

Five stars


I count it a blessing that I found you. Win or lose, I feel that you have been the best person...and I’ll be forever grateful.

    - Linda, C.

My same-sex, post-breakup, military-related child custody matter was too complex for the first few lawyers I called. Mr. Dabney took my case, understood exactly what needed to be done and made it happen.

- Cindy C.

My wife is from Korea, and we wanted to customize our relationship without threatening her citizenship status. Walton helped us set up a solid prenup that protected both of us.

-Shane H.

When I got the summons, I was terrified and cried all night. I called Mr. Dabney and he explained everything. He lifted my spirits and got me ready to face the case.

- Desirae B.