Non-Traditional Families and Living Situations

Snohomish County Non-Traditional Family and Living Situation Lawyer

Consider the following examples of family:

– Two sisters live together for decades
– Three polyamorous adults commit to loving each other forever
– Four platonic partners agree to share the resources of life
– Five parents agree to raise their children together
– Six adults – some platonic some intimate, some with children some without, some monogamous some non-monogamous, some with property some without…. Decide to form a family commune.

In all cases, none of these people have a written agreement with their partners.

What rights and obligations to each other do these people all have in common?

     The answer: Nothing, except what the court would decide if someone filed a lawsuit.

With the right agreements the security and predictability of a mainstream U.S. marriage can be had by any collection of adults, regardless of their gender, orientation, love and life choices. It may be many years before all the alternative ways of partnering get full acknowledgment under the law. Until that time, you and your family needs security and the legal right to be treated equally as any normative couple and co-parents.

Dabney Law Firm can create legally binding agreements that protect all parties, keep the children supported and safe, and gives every adult in the relationships nearly-identical rights as parents and spouses; in this life and at the end of life.

Do not leave your family’s legal position to chance; or worse, to the dictates of the over-culture. Take control of your status and your family’s place in society. I would be proud to represent you.

Walton Dabney can advise and represent you on any Non-Traditional Families and Living Situations matter, including:

  • Legally Binding Cohabitation Agreements
  • Platonic Partnering
  • Multi-Adult Partnerships
  • Property Evaluation and Agreements
  • Parenting Plans
  • Fairness and Equity Agreements
  • Intentionally Creating or Preventing the Creation of a Committed Intimate Relationship
  • More Information – Committed Intimate Relationships (CIR)


Dabney Law Firm can help you disregard the default and chart your own path. We help people customize their relationships. Write your own vows, your own rules, your own plan.

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I count it a blessing that I found you. Win or lose, I feel that you have been the best person...and I’ll be forever grateful.

    - Linda, C.

My same-sex, post-breakup, military-related child custody matter was too complex for the first few lawyers I called. Mr. Dabney took my case, understood exactly what needed to be done and made it happen.

- Cindy C.

My wife is from Korea, and we wanted to customize our relationship without threatening her citizenship status. Walton helped us set up a solid prenup that protected both of us.

-Shane H.

When I got the summons, I was terrified and cried all night. I called Mr. Dabney and he explained everything. He lifted my spirits and got me ready to face the case.

- Desirae B.