Committed Intimate Relationships

Snohomish County Committed Intimate Relationship (CIR) Lawyer

“Common Law Marriage” – that is the ancient term for a Committed Intimate Relationship; often abbreviated CIR in Washington state. The factors determining whether you are in a CIR are numerous… many live-in non-married adults are in CIRs without knowing it! If you think you are or will be in a CIR, you need to explicitly set out the rules, rights, and procedures of how kids and property will be managed in a Cohabitation Agreement. Else, you will find that the “rule of fairness” applies later… and that is very unpredictable.

When you are in a CIR and then that CIR ends in death or breakup –all involved have rights that may not be obvious. All or a portion of the property that you thought was “Separate” may be claimed by someone who was never declared the owner of it. If children were involved in (or produced from) the relationship, they also have protections similar (but not identical to) when a couple divorces.

Dabney Law Firm can represent your interests before, during, and after a CIR to make sure you and your family maintain maximum protections and predictability for the future.

Walton Dabney can advise and represent you on any Committed Intimate Relationships matter, including:


Dabney Law Firm can help you disregard the default and chart your own path. We help people customize their relationships. Write your own vows, your own rules, your own plan.

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My same-sex, post-breakup, military-related child custody matter was too complex for the first few lawyers I called. Mr. Dabney took my case, understood exactly what needed to be done and made it happen.

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My wife is from Korea, and we wanted to customize our relationship without threatening her citizenship status. Walton helped us set up a solid prenup that protected both of us.

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