Attorney Profile

Walton L. Dabney


(425) 488-5809

I help families expand… and contract. From Prenuptials to Divorces, Minor Guardianship to Committed Intimate Relationships (CIRs), I am here to be an advocate for you and help your family get to a happier future.

Family Focused – Your Ally

My pronouns are He/Him, and I am a family lawyer.

I am a champion for non-traditional families. I create constructs of agreements to ensure any adult can partner with any other adult(s) to create the living situation they choose and raise their children how they wish – while maintaining legal rights and protections.

In addition to my family law practice I am a JAG in the Washington Air National Guard, after twelve years of service on Active Duty with the Air Force. I am a military law expert and have both prosecuted and defended military justice cases. I specialize where military life and family law intersect – military retirement considerations in a divorce and immigrant spouse pre-and-postnuptial agreements.

Among my many awards I am most proud of my Meritorious Service Medal in 2016 for creating a legal procedure for Transgender servicemembers to obtain the treatment to which they were entitled; a procedure that the Air Force General Counsel’s office declared the standard throughout the Air Force and became the standard throughout the U.S. Armed Forces.

I am here for you and your family. Feel free to reach out.