Legal solutions tailored only for you and your family.

Ensuring any adult can create the living situation they choose and raise their children how they wish.

Washington Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Dabney Law Firm can help you navigate through the twists and turns of family law - from divorce or separation to parenting plans, to legal agreements for non-traditional families.

Do not leave your family’s legal position to chance, nor default presumptions of a cold, uncaring court system. We will build a lasting stable framework for you and your entire family.

Divorce and Separation

For most people, a divorce is the most complex, contentious, and consequential legal matter they will ever face. Get it done right the first time. Dabney Law Firm can help you avoid the pitfalls and move toward a brighter future for you and your family.

Living Agreements

While not everything needs customization, what does – 100% of the time – is your personal relationships! How you want to live, with who, sharing what, producing what (or who)… none of these considerations has a “default” that fits perfectly to every person and their situation.

Practice Areas

I am a champion for non-traditional families. I create constructs of agreements to ensure you can live the family life you choose — while maintaining legal rights and protections.

Five stars


I count it a blessing that I found you. Win or lose, I feel that you have been the best person...and I’ll be forever grateful.

    - Linda, C.

My same-sex, post-breakup, military-related child custody matter was too complex for the first few lawyers I called. Mr. Dabney took my case, understood exactly what needed to be done and made it happen.

- Cindy C.

My wife is from Korea, and we wanted to customize our relationship without threatening her citizenship status. Walton helped us set up a solid prenup that protected both of us.

-Shane H.

When I got the summons, I was terrified and cried all night. I called Mr. Dabney and he explained everything. He lifted my spirits and got me ready to face the case.

- Desirae B.